The (mis)guided Tours #6

Unearthing Memories, Exploring Contemporary Conditions and Formulating Possible Futures

by InterStruct Collective
[Portuguese colonial exhibition, future realities, decolonization]

The First Portuguese Colonial Exhibition took place at Jardins do Palácio de Cristal between 16th June to 30th September 1934. It primarily functioned as propaganda at the start of the Salazar dictatorship: to strengthen public opinion for overseas territorial control and tactical affirmation of nationalism. The fair resembled an amusement park, providing exhibition stands, theatres, reproductions of overseas colonial monuments, zoo, cinema, tourist train, cable car — and a public display of indigenous populations. With a group of people, we will walk around Palácio de Cristal and reflect on the invisible weight of the past within the park, and elaborate on what it brings to contemporaneity. Thus, with this historical frame, we want to confront structural problems within Portuguese society: racism, eurocentrism, and social exclusion. — InterStruct team

Curadoria: Laurem Crossetti, Alícia Medeiros, Isabeli Santiago (Coletivo MAAD)
Coordenação de produção: InterStruct Collective e Alícia Medeiros
Apoio à produção: Coletivo MAAD

Design: Beatriz Alcantara
Multimédia: Maria Paula Kemmer
Imagem: Arthur Silveira

The (mis)guided Tours

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